Sharkbetz levels

We offer various subscription options.

Please see what you gain once you purchase a certain access level.

To maximize your profits and see most sharks we recommend you to operate on FULL ACCESS subscription.

  • Akofinder 1
  • Picks 2
  • Sharks 3
  • Delay
  • Price
  • FREE
  • No
  • Few picks
  • One shark
  • 90 min
  • Free
  • Yes
  • Few picks
  • One shark
  • 45 min
  • Free

[1] Akofinder feature creates a best coupon with the picks or sharks that are visible for you, depending on your subscription level and coupon expectations. You may choose from defensive, neutral or offensive coupon mode consisting of 2-12 picks.

[2] Picks are basic suggestions for betting purposes. Although these tips are carefully selected we still recommend to bet sharks for getting even better results.

[3] Sharks are superior betting opportunities. Only limited number of FULL ACCESS subscribers gain access to them. It is advised to bet only sharks to obtain highest profits.